26 Oct 2012

The Light of Day

It’s official! I’ve decided the name for my upcoming album that reflects a “lighter” side of me.  As “Born Ready” exuded confidence, strength, and perseverance regardless of my emotional struggles, “The Light of Day” was inspired by a Love found, Happiness, New experiences, and the realization that no matter how hard it may be, we should always be SMILING!  The sophomore album is set to release Spring 2013 in collaboration with many dynamic artists who have introduced a new flavor to my Soulful Pop music.  Some of these individuals include Komplex (Producer), The Oud Player (VIZA), A. Chilla (Producer), & R- Mean (Artist).

Expect a fresh sound because I have truly grown as a person and artist since 2010.  I have learned that even though my heart breaks, I am made to heal.  Even though I feel there is no hope, there really always is.

It’s funny how soon we forget our darkest moments of sadness and heartache as soon as we find something beautiful.  It’s as if it never happened as you share a new sunset with someone special.


“I wanna reach the sun; Gotta feel it in my bones,

Wanna feel the warmth inside of me when I am on my own.

I can almost see the light; Shinin’ through a cloudy,

If I can only find a way where I can see The Light of Day”

– The Light of Day


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