30 Nov 2012

Stigmas in the Creative Arts

It has always been considered in my book to be a “Blessing and a Curse.”  I was born to perform.  As soon as I began to speak, I began to sing.  Even the fluctuations in my voice as a baby resembled that of music.  It’s weird, I know.  I have recordings of myself talking and it’s the funniest thing. 

Last night, I was invited by Hamazkayin Pasadena as a Panelist to discuss the stigmas in pursuing a career in the Arts as an Armenian- American.  Amongst the Panelists were Vahe Berberian, Anne Bedian, Shervin Youssefian, and Ara Dabandjian.  It was an honor to be the youngest Panelist and more so, alongside such incredible talents. 

I commend Hamazkayin Pasadena for organizing this Panel Discussion.  The topics discussed were pertinent to the further development of the Arts in the Armenian Community.  There were over 100 people in attendence, all intrigued by the information.  I myself was inspired by my peers and in turn by the interest the audience expressed.

I am proud to be Armenian and hope that parents will always be supportive of their children pursuing a career in the Arts.  Not to say they should undermine attaining an education, but to deprive your child of expressing their Art is depriving them of growth and imagination.


Vahe Berberian- Playwright/ Actor/ Author/ Painter

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