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23 Apr 2014

New Music



The second single off the upcoming album -The Light of Day- is “I Love You.”  Although Love is complex, this song simply says I Love You.  We have all experienced Love in some respect, whether happy or sad, and we realize that at the end of the day, the petty things don’t matter.  It’s the fact that two people have found eachother, have chemistry and an undeniable bond, share laughter, and most of all, Love one another.  It is hard to find true love so when you do, hold on to it.


The music video to “I Love You” speaks out 4.27.14 on the Soulful Pop channel.  The track will be available for purchase on iTunes amongst all other digital distributors.


Special Thank to L.A. Banquets for their support in this project.  They made it all possible and I am so grateful for that.  Means the world to me to have the support of such admirable and outstanding entrepreneurs.

Sending everyone big hugs!! 


Music Credits: Written by Maria Cozette; Produced by MG and Maria Cozette

Video Credits: Directed by Shiva Tarsa; Produced by VP Production

14 Mar 2014

Roses in ’99

Growing up can be an emotionally challenging process.  While running through a world of discoveries, we have high hopes for the future.  At some point, we fall in “love.” 

Roses in ’99 is a song about growth and realization.  About a woman who reflects on her life passed and comes to an understanding of how far she has come.

This is the first single off my upcoming album “The Light of Day.”  I chose this as the first release because it’s relative to my growth as a woman since my last album in 2010.  The album has a fresh sound and a more organic feel to it… So proud of my compilation and cannot wait to share it with you.


The  music video for “Roses in ’99” can be     viewed on the

Soulful Pop Channel Soon and the song will be available on iTunes!!

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14 Feb 2014

Because I Love My Fans…


As a gift from me to you, because I love my fans, a FREE download of my new song “Catalina.” 

I wrote this song inspired by a trip to Catalina Island.  Although Catalina may not seem like a captivating getaway to local Californians, I was captivated by the experience.

The lyrics are very descriptive and hopefully, through the song, you can feel my bliss.

P.S. My upcoming album “The Light of Day” is almost done.  Can’t wait for it to see the light of day 😉

Release Date: 2.14.14

Free Download at


Maria Cozette

19 Oct 2013

Appreciate the Arts

I’ve attended numerous events in celebration of the Arts most recently.  Since I am in the midst of recording my album, “The Light of Day,” I have more so been playing the role of audience, which is quite nice 🙂

My station, Horizon Armenian TV in conjunction with Meridian Productions orchestrated a beautiful concert at the Dolby Theatre!  The performances were magical and production flawless. Hosted by the talented actor, Khoren Levonyan, “Yerk Yerkots” is a concert comprised of famed Armenian singers with performances of traditional and folk songs.  The concert tours throughout the world and attracts Armenians from the diaspora to rejoice in our history of rich culture and music.

Emil Kazaz is an eccentric artist with a unique approach in paintings and sculptures.  The Armenian American Medical Society and Armenian Bar Association honored his accomplishments at the Beverly Hilton.  What was most striking aside from his brilliant pieces, was Emil’s humble stance and his lovely wife Monet’s radiant personality as they exhibited his magnificent work.

Armenians truly thrive in the Arts, always have, always will.  They are dynamic and understand both the depth and detailed vision.  Creating Art is meticulous, contrary to popular belief.  It is in itself a Science.  Even more so, for one to translate their most emotional moments through their art form is much like walking naked in the street.  It is fragile, delicate, and often scary.  You are presenting raw feeling for the world to criticize.

Have respect for Artists. Appreciate the Arts.

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17 Jul 2013

A Man of Many Traits

Every now and then, an artist comes along that inspires those around him and exudes a magical energy.  This man of many traits is Vahe Berberian.  As an innovative Playwright, Painter, Actor, Comedian, Producer, and Writer, Vahe has shown Armenian communities around the world that he is a force to be reckoned with.  He does it all and today I had the honor of having him as my very special guest on Music Box.  We discussed his current stand up comedy show “Yete” that has had a successful running of sold out performances for over 2 months.  As the first Armenian to perform a stand up, Vahe is inspired by music, people, and life itself.  In Yete, he talks about everything we think about but never say and is relative to a broad audience.  With Standing O’s across the board, Yete is a hit but Vahe did not stop there.

The first installment of “Improv” launches July 21st.  As the first of its kind, it is comprised of 7 talented actors and will have 6 showings at the Whitefire Theatre!  For all info pertaining to this extraordinary artist, visit

For Tickets to Yete and Improv visit

Vahe’s talents are continuously ignited in various realms of Art.  As an exceptional Painter, Vahe’s Art is featured at Madison Art Gallery in La Jolla, CA.  Madison is ranked one of Top 5 galleries in the world and rightfully so, displays Berberian’s art. His pieces can also be seen in films and most recently in the Showtime series “Ray Donovan.”

Long Salt & Pepper Braids- Colorful Soul- Beautiful Mind

Vahe Berberian on Music Box in the coming week.  For details visit the fan page





9 Apr 2013

“Goodbye Winter…”

As with Spring everything is anew, I have left behind so much just within the passed two months that I truly now feel exhilarated.  Although I may have been disappointed time and time again, sometimes it takes that One “special” disappointment to realize that there are so many more wonderful possibilities out there…. Life is short.

With that said (and I say this with the biggest smile on my face), I have been in the studio on the daily recording my upcoming album “The Light of Day.”



“Goodbye Winter” photoshoot

by Ray Pro Photography; Styled by A and M Productions

ThanQ to Ray Pro for his vision &  A and M Productions for the wardrobe!

RayProPhotography _3

27 Dec 2012

Warmest Wishes

Dear Fans, Old and New…

I am so humbled by your continued support.  It is almost difficult for me to truly express my gratitude and the beautiful feeling I get when I read your emails.  Since the launch of my television show Music Box with Maria Cozette, I have felt even closer to you due to your positive feedback and encouragement.  I am so blessed to have such “Colorful” fans.  Your words are deeply valued and I take them with me when I step on stage or in front of the camera.  They fuel my talent and drive.

Currently I am working on my sophomore album “The Light of Day.”  Expect a new side of me.  I hope you will appreciate the time I have invested in writing these songs.  I am in the midst of planning a concert in the Summer of 2013.

Have a blessed year and may all you aspire to do become a reality as you have helped make mine a dream come true <3


30 Nov 2012

Stigmas in the Creative Arts

It has always been considered in my book to be a “Blessing and a Curse.”  I was born to perform.  As soon as I began to speak, I began to sing.  Even the fluctuations in my voice as a baby resembled that of music.  It’s weird, I know.  I have recordings of myself talking and it’s the funniest thing. 

Last night, I was invited by Hamazkayin Pasadena as a Panelist to discuss the stigmas in pursuing a career in the Arts as an Armenian- American.  Amongst the Panelists were Vahe Berberian, Anne Bedian, Shervin Youssefian, and Ara Dabandjian.  It was an honor to be the youngest Panelist and more so, alongside such incredible talents. 

I commend Hamazkayin Pasadena for organizing this Panel Discussion.  The topics discussed were pertinent to the further development of the Arts in the Armenian Community.  There were over 100 people in attendence, all intrigued by the information.  I myself was inspired by my peers and in turn by the interest the audience expressed.

I am proud to be Armenian and hope that parents will always be supportive of their children pursuing a career in the Arts.  Not to say they should undermine attaining an education, but to deprive your child of expressing their Art is depriving them of growth and imagination.


Vahe Berberian- Playwright/ Actor/ Author/ Painter