24 Sep 2016

One door closes; many open

Remember that next time you feel like nothing matters.  On numerous occasions throughout my life and career, I have been handed a full serving of heartache.  It is ironically those most hopeless moments that later transpire to the most hopeful.  Isn’t it funny though and isn’t it rather annoying that everyone you speak to says, “Everything happens for a reason.”  Perhaps my most hated statement; nevertheless very true. Whether you are religious or not; spiritual or not, there is a certain energy that unveils itself when you think, dwell, and pray on a wish.  I don’t know if it’s the universe but I would like to think it’s the almighty Man upstairs.  As one of my favorite country artists sang some time ago, “Some of Gods greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers.”  So you see, even though you may think, dwell, and pray on a wish that you feel is the most important wish of a lifetime; like you really need it to happen to be happy, you may not truly know what is best for you.  That later down the line, you will thank God he didn’t answer your prayer.  All along, it wasn’t the best thing for you.

I guess this is meant to be a hopeful Post for all my fans because HOPE is the most important thing.  It’s the very thing that keeps us going.  Without it, the world may as well give up all together.  The famous phrase itself, “One door closes, one door opens,” is all about HOPE.  Of course, being that I’m a unique gal, I gave it my own little, Soulful Pop twist 😉  This coming from life experience.  One door has closed time and time again but all of a sudden, I found myself standing in front of many open doors; many opportunities and possibilities.

Life is what you make of it.  Always Hope, Always Grow, Always Love.


Your number one Fan,

Maria Cozette, MBA


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