23 Sep 2012

Music Box with Maria Cozette

In November of 2011, I visited some accomplished friends of mine in the Armenian Entertainment Industry with an idea to create a television show in English.  It would be the first and only one of its kind on any Armenian TV Network with the objective to engage a younger audience into watching Armenian television.  Everyone of course said not to do it and that it wouldn’t work. Needless to say, I did and since Music Box with Maria Cozette has gained an immense amount of popularity.  Sending Love to High Vision for believing in my vision.  When I approached them, they were the only ones who agreed with the concept and gave me complete creative freedom on their station.  I had taken on so much responsibility in both creative and technical, that it was difficult for me to balance my Music and Show.  A couple of months ago, Horizon approached me with an offer I could not refuse.  They would take over the Production end while I just focused on the Creative.  What a Blessing!  Music Box with Maria Cozette now airs on Horizon Armenian TV (Charter Ch. 385) and online streaming.  For More Info, click the page and Become a Fan www.facebook.com/musicboxshow

One of the things that I love about my show is that I get to meet, discuss, and vibe with many other entertainers.  The unique approach that Music Box has taken in comparison to other Entertainment based shows is that the Host (ME :)) is herself an Artist.  I thoroughly enjoy each Interview and ask questions from both the perspective of a Fan and Artist.  This month alone, I had the privilege to book some incredibly talented Artists, Chris Daniel of the band VIZA, Eternal Mind Control, and Hip Hop Artist/ Songwriter R-Mean.  My interview with Chris was particularly exciting because VIZA is about to embark on a Tour with the ever so amazing, Serj Tankian.  I’m so proud of the bands accomplishments and we spoke more in detail about what the tour would entail.  For more info on VIZA visit www.experienceviza.com R-Means accomplishments in furthering his career have been remarkable as well.  He announced his recent collaboration with Platinum selling Rapper, Game.  This is huge for Armenians in Hip Hop so much love to his commendable work ethic and talents!!! I also am always on the look out for fresh talent and providing them a platform to promote their work.  This awesome band, Eternal Mind Control, reached out to me and I was more than happy to bring them on the show.  What was most striking about them was the passion they exuded in pursuing their music.  For more info on them Become a Fan www.facebook.com/eternalmindcontrol

The Entertainment Industry is quite possibly one of the most difficult.  It is filled with shady people and 8-10 are lying about their capabilities.  It’s nice to come across those who are truly in it for the Art and my show allows me to meet these Superstars.

Below:   Comedian, Playwright Vahe Berberian- Event Producer/ TV Host, Alex Kalognomos- Eternal Mind Control- Chris Daniel (VIZA)



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