22 Oct 2015


We have all fell victim to Love. Even a criminal is able to Love. Such a powerful feeling with so many dimensions.  There is something however to be said about a woman who falls in Love. A Love so powerful that it changes her much like a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly.  It is no matter who she was prior to him.  She had no choice but to grow into a better woman.  The profound depth of this Love she had succumb to made her a more beautiful person.  So much so, that everyone around her was enthralled by the iridescent light shining when she walked in the room.  Their Love was ingrained in her very Being.  

He was different than anyone else she had ever met.  He fed her patience and more importantly, showed her the ability to enjoy the simplest of things.  She was now content with her morning coffee, taking time to appreciate what she had and when the sun went down, they gazed into the distance absorbing each and every color it radiated into the skies.  Sadly, one day as all things are temporary, he was gone.  The shared sunsets, road trips, and laughter that resonated in the walls of their Home, was gone. She was left with memories of what once was and an irrevocable pain she would carry for years to come.  



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