22 Feb 2015

New Release for Armenian Genocide Centennial

In April, I will be releasing a rendition of a traditional Armenian song, “Adana,” as a commemorative piece for the Armenian Genocide centennial.  Since the age of 9, I have performed this song at numerous venues.  Every single time I’ve performed, I have felt the sadness of its melody and lyrics.  I have also embraced the somber mood of my audience. 

The song speaks of the Adana Massacre of 1909 by the Ottoman Turks.  It was the massacre of Armenian Christians in the city of Adana amidst governmental upheaval  resulted in a series of anti-Armenian pogroms throughout the district.  Reports estimated that the massacres in Adana Province resulted in the deaths of as many as 20,000–30,000 Armenians by way of rape, slaughter, and brutal hangings of innocent women, children, and men.  The town was burned to ashes where once some of the most respected Armenian intellects dwelled.  The Armenian segment of the population of Adana was deemed the “richest and most prosperous.” Although the Armenian Genocide followed in 1915, I chose this piece because the Adana Massacre was a precursor of what was to come.  The song itself is a resonating ballad and whether you are of Armenian descent or not, you can feel the sadness.  After all, music is universal.  With that said, the denial by modern-day Turkish government of the Armenian Genocide and correlated events is a crime against humanity.  So no matter your race or creed, it is a matter of human rights, being the first of its kind in the 20th century.

The new rendition is produced by my long time music producer MG “Araik Mouradian,” with featured musicians Rouben Harutunyan- doodook and Vahagni- acoustic guitar.  The music video is directed by Alex Derhakopian and presented by Vartan Akopyan of Untamed Production.  Visit the Soulful Pop Channel  to check out the music video in April, as well look out for airing on your local Armenian Television Networks.      

To follow updates on the release of the song and its video, visit and “LIKE” my fan page www.facebook.com/mariacozette     

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