19 Oct 2013

Appreciate the Arts

I’ve attended numerous events in celebration of the Arts most recently.  Since I am in the midst of recording my album, “The Light of Day,” I have more so been playing the role of audience, which is quite nice 🙂

My station, Horizon Armenian TV in conjunction with Meridian Productions orchestrated a beautiful concert at the Dolby Theatre!  The performances were magical and production flawless. Hosted by the talented actor, Khoren Levonyan, “Yerk Yerkots” is a concert comprised of famed Armenian singers with performances of traditional and folk songs.  The concert tours throughout the world and attracts Armenians from the diaspora to rejoice in our history of rich culture and music.

Emil Kazaz is an eccentric artist with a unique approach in paintings and sculptures.  The Armenian American Medical Society and Armenian Bar Association honored his accomplishments at the Beverly Hilton.  What was most striking aside from his brilliant pieces, was Emil’s humble stance and his lovely wife Monet’s radiant personality as they exhibited his magnificent work.

Armenians truly thrive in the Arts, always have, always will.  They are dynamic and understand both the depth and detailed vision.  Creating Art is meticulous, contrary to popular belief.  It is in itself a Science.  Even more so, for one to translate their most emotional moments through their art form is much like walking naked in the street.  It is fragile, delicate, and often scary.  You are presenting raw feeling for the world to criticize.

Have respect for Artists. Appreciate the Arts.

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