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24 Sep 2016

One door closes; many open

Remember that next time you feel like nothing matters.  On numerous occasions throughout my life and career, I have been handed a full serving of heartache.  It is ironically those most hopeless moments that later transpire to the most hopeful.  Isn’t it funny though and isn’t it rather annoying that everyone you speak to says, “Everything happens for a reason.”  Perhaps my most hated statement; nevertheless very true. Whether you are religious or not; spiritual or not, there is a certain energy that unveils itself when you think, dwell, and pray on a wish.  I don’t know if it’s the universe but I would like to think it’s the almighty Man upstairs.  As one of my favorite country artists sang some time ago, “Some of Gods greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers.”  So you see, even though you may think, dwell, and pray on a wish that you feel is the most important wish of a lifetime; like you really need it to happen to be happy, you may not truly know what is best for you.  That later down the line, you will thank God he didn’t answer your prayer.  All along, it wasn’t the best thing for you.

I guess this is meant to be a hopeful Post for all my fans because HOPE is the most important thing.  It’s the very thing that keeps us going.  Without it, the world may as well give up all together.  The famous phrase itself, “One door closes, one door opens,” is all about HOPE.  Of course, being that I’m a unique gal, I gave it my own little, Soulful Pop twist 😉  This coming from life experience.  One door has closed time and time again but all of a sudden, I found myself standing in front of many open doors; many opportunities and possibilities.

Life is what you make of it.  Always Hope, Always Grow, Always Love.


Your number one Fan,

Maria Cozette, MBA


9 Sep 2016

Armenian Heritage Celebration Night

Thank you Los Angeles Sparks and Staples Center for honoring Armenian Heritage. Excited to perform at this momentous event!



13 Jul 2016

Official Release- O Kami Kami

After a 5 month long project of meticulously producing the music and video for this Summer hit, “O Kami Kami” is ready for its reveal!  Recognized as a classic Harout Pamboukjian song from the 1970’s, it has always been one of my very favorite’s.  This poetic love song was brilliantly written by Ruben Hakhverdyan so I made sure to stick to its original spirit while incorporating Soulful Pop instrumentation.  The amazing Artyom Manukyan is a featured cellist on the track, adding a melancholic aspect.  

I feel so blessed to have given new life to this beautiful piece; more so having had collaborated with the renowned Arthur Manukyan as Director of the music video.  I had met Arthur years ago on his visit to the States.  We promised one another we would work together one day and luckily so, it was accomplished for this important project.  His vision, professionalism, and attention to detail was incredible; qualities I give great importance to an Artist/ Producer.  I hope my fans enjoy the video just as much as I’ve enjoyed the making of it.  

Sending love to all! Hoping this becomes your #SummerJam #OKamiKami #OKK

All music available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon


4 Jun 2016

Life is Short

Or is it? Think of where you are now and all the experiences that have passed thus far.  All the people that have come and gone, enriching your life with lessons that you’ve hopefully learned from.  Life is short but the journey is long.  Surround yourself with love and people who care about your well being.  Be open to inspiration because it comes in unimaginable forms.  Be careful who you lend your precious time to.  Wishing all my readers a healthy and happy life.  The biggest treasures are found in the simplest of things.



15 May 2016

New Music

I have always admired the work of legendary Armenian singer, Harout Pamboukjian.  Not only is his music made a significant impact on Armenian Pop music, but his life story is inspiring.  As one of the first Armenian artists to breakthrough in the Diaspora, Pamboukjian’s music resonates deep in the hearts of Armenians around the world- capturing even the millennials.

A new rendition of a Pamboukjian classic from the 1970’s, “O Kami Kami” is in the making; set to release this Summer.  Produced by Araik “MG” Mouradian & myself, it features accompaniment by talented, renowned cellist, Artyom Manukyan.  Its music video is directed by Arthur Manukyan, an Armenia native and portrays me in a new light. Stay tuned! For more updates, “Like” and Follow Maria Cozette on Facebook and Instagram


22 Oct 2015


We have all fell victim to Love. Even a criminal is able to Love. Such a powerful feeling with so many dimensions.  There is something however to be said about a woman who falls in Love. A Love so powerful that it changes her much like a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly.  It is no matter who she was prior to him.  She had no choice but to grow into a better woman.  The profound depth of this Love she had succumb to made her a more beautiful person.  So much so, that everyone around her was enthralled by the iridescent light shining when she walked in the room.  Their Love was ingrained in her very Being.  

He was different than anyone else she had ever met.  He fed her patience and more importantly, showed her the ability to enjoy the simplest of things.  She was now content with her morning coffee, taking time to appreciate what she had and when the sun went down, they gazed into the distance absorbing each and every color it radiated into the skies.  Sadly, one day as all things are temporary, he was gone.  The shared sunsets, road trips, and laughter that resonated in the walls of their Home, was gone. She was left with memories of what once was and an irrevocable pain she would carry for years to come.  



12 Oct 2015

A Giving October

As the Holiday season is upon us, I always like to do my part and contribute to worthy organizations.

Mistress of Ceremonies at Bridge of Health 2nd Annual Gala- October 18th

Bridge of Health is a non-profit organization that acts as a link connecting pediatric cancer patients in Armenia with the life-saving medical advances and resources available in the United States. We understand the difficulties of acquiring and maintaining treatment, which is why we are crating an opportunity to conquer childhood cancer in Armenia regardless of socioeconcomic status. For more info visit Official Website

Special Performance at ANCA Annual Gala- October 25th 

The Armenian National Committee of America- Western Region (ANCA-WR) is a grassroots public affairs organization devoted to advancing issues of concern to the Armenian American community. For nearly a century, the ANCA-WR has served to educate, motivate and activate the Armenian American community in the Western United States on a wide range of issues. For more info visit Official Website


Cancer Care Network Foundation ‘I Will Survive’ Discoteque- October 31st 

I am a proud Board member of this organization.  The Cancer Care Network Foundation’s (CCNF) primary mission is to provide advocacy and resources to eliminate barriers to quality care for patients affected by cancer.  Funds raised will provide financial assistance, complementary support for patients and families currently fighting cancer, as well as support for projects and organizations that provide charitable services to our community in the field of cancer care, education and prevention. For more info visit Official Website 





22 Feb 2015

New Release for Armenian Genocide Centennial

In April, I will be releasing a rendition of a traditional Armenian song, “Adana,” as a commemorative piece for the Armenian Genocide centennial.  Since the age of 9, I have performed this song at numerous venues.  Every single time I’ve performed, I have felt the sadness of its melody and lyrics.  I have also embraced the somber mood of my audience. 

The song speaks of the Adana Massacre of 1909 by the Ottoman Turks.  It was the massacre of Armenian Christians in the city of Adana amidst governmental upheaval  resulted in a series of anti-Armenian pogroms throughout the district.  Reports estimated that the massacres in Adana Province resulted in the deaths of as many as 20,000–30,000 Armenians by way of rape, slaughter, and brutal hangings of innocent women, children, and men.  The town was burned to ashes where once some of the most respected Armenian intellects dwelled.  The Armenian segment of the population of Adana was deemed the “richest and most prosperous.” Although the Armenian Genocide followed in 1915, I chose this piece because the Adana Massacre was a precursor of what was to come.  The song itself is a resonating ballad and whether you are of Armenian descent or not, you can feel the sadness.  After all, music is universal.  With that said, the denial by modern-day Turkish government of the Armenian Genocide and correlated events is a crime against humanity.  So no matter your race or creed, it is a matter of human rights, being the first of its kind in the 20th century.

The new rendition is produced by my long time music producer MG “Araik Mouradian,” with featured musicians Rouben Harutunyan- doodook and Vahagni- acoustic guitar.  The music video is directed by Alex Derhakopian and presented by Vartan Akopyan of Untamed Production.  Visit the Soulful Pop Channel  to check out the music video in April, as well look out for airing on your local Armenian Television Networks.      

To follow updates on the release of the song and its video, visit and “LIKE” my fan page     

20 Jun 2014

The New Album


Set to Release June 26th.  Will be available on all digital distributors.


28 Apr 2014

Speak Out

Happy to announce the release of my second single, “I Love You,” off the upcoming album -The Light of Day-  This song speaks close to my heart and each lyric written rolled off my tongue, onto paper.  Although Love is complex, this song simply says “I Love You.”  Music Video Directed by Shiva Tarsa; Produced by VP Production.  Music Written by Maria Cozette; Produced by MG and Maria Cozette.  I would like to especially thank one of the most admirable and hard working entrepreneurs I know who heavily supported me on this project, Vrej Sarkissian of L.A. Banquets & Anoush Catering.


Check out the video and song available on iTunes and all other digital distributors. Stream Maria Cozette on Spotify!